08 Mar Be Inspired by the Oceans: Fun Day with Young Painters of “Studio Gelombang”

Twenty young painters from Studio Gelombang (Waves Studio) in Gianyar visited our Center for Marine Conservation and brought their enthusiasm to learn new things in marine conservation. Before coming to our center, these kids been active in creating artwork, including marine-theme paintings, under the supervision of Balinese artist I Made Griyawan.


The day at the center was fun! It started with exploring the Coral Triangle region, and students were amazed by the art installation Semesta Terumbu Karang or Coral Universe. It gave them insight on how coral reefs look underwater as home to the fish that they draw.

Walking through the Wayang Hall, they were excited to see various kinds of marine animals with unique details. They tried to acknowledge the Wayang one by one and were so happy seeing animals that they are already familiar with like the jellyfish, sea turtle, crab and even clownfish, affectionately known as “nemo”.

In the classroom, the facilitators shared basic information on marine conservation through a short presentation, videos, quizzes, and fun games. The kids were introduced to marine and coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, seagrass and coral reefs. Though a fun game, we also engaged them to think about sustainability by using marine resource wisely.

We hope that this session will give them the inspiration to create meaningful and impactful artwork in the near future. Stay tuned to our social media to check out their masterpieces.

Photos by : Hendiliana and Made Griyawan/CTC

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