26 Feb Creating a Better MPA Zoning System with the Ay Island Community in the Banda Islands

On February 26, 2020, CTC conducted public consultation with the local community of Ay Island in the Banda Islands, Maluku Province to discuss the zoning system of the Ay-Rhun MPA. After some discussion, the local community showed a good understanding of the importance of MPAs and protecting coral reefs, fish and other marine animals. Thanks to Pokmaswas of Ay Island who supported this socialization and accompanied us to each neighborhood.

In order to manage the marine resources of Ay Island, the local government has declared a regulation on sustainable natural resources, especially in coastal areas. Specifically for Ay Island, there is also a local regulation called Peraturan Negeri Number 1 in 2014 that governs the management and utilization of coastal marine resources of Ay Island. This local regulation also includes the proposed MPA zoning plan for Ay Island. The local community is active in giving suggestions for better MPA management in the future. As the result of this public consultation, the community has agreed with the proposed core zone, or fully protected area, at Ay Island.

Photos by : Marthen Welly; Zulham Peluppesy; La Ode /CTC

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