19 Jan Fun Learning Class with Students from St Thomas University

As the CTC Center for Marine Conservation grows, we are receiving more and more visitors from all over the world, in search of fun and engaging ways to learn about the oceans and expand their knowledge of marine science. On January 19, we were visited by a group from St Thomas University in Minnesota, USA, arranged by Bali Institute. For most of them, it was their first time visiting Bali and traveling to Southeast Asia. 

The CTC team welcomed the guests with a Center tour, showing them the facilities and explaining the programs and mission of CTC. The aim of their visit to our center was to learn about marine conservation, and during their visit they joined two of our Fun Learning Activities – a Fun Learning Class and the Escape Room SOS From the Deep. During the class, the students were taught about basic marine conservation and marine protected areas. The class was then concluded with an Aquatico board game, where they learned about different types of ecosystems and the animals that rely on them. 

The students were all enthusiastic to learn about marine life, and how they can help protect marine and coastal ecosystems. The CTC team hopes the students will take their new knowledge back to the US, and spread the word on protecting coral reefs and the oceans!

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