17 Jan TNC Training for Conservation Scientists and Practitioners at the Center for Marine Conservation

To kick off a busy year ahead, our Center for Marine Conservation hosted a series of workshops conducted by The Nature Conservancy. These workshops were aimed at increasing the capacity of conservation scientists and practitioners, as well as introducing new tools and sharing ideas. From January 13-17, a Science Writing Workshop was held in the training pavilions, lead by TNC lead scientist, Professor Hugh Poshingham. This workshop was aimed at preparing impactful scientific manuscripts. One member of the CTC team, Purwanto, joined the workshop, utilizing the training to develop a draft manuscript on the Ecological Status of Bird’s Head Seascapes, in Papua, Indonesia. The week-long workshop allowed participants to revise and develop their manuscripts, completing a finalized draft by the end of the week, along with a follow up plan to finalize their scientific papers and submit them to a scientific journal.

The second workshop on Decision Science for Conservation and Spatial Action Mapping was held the following week. This workshop focused on quantitative problem formulation and problem solving, with a special focus on spatial prioritization with the decision support tool, Marxan. This workshop was again led by Professor Poshingham, along with Dr Jennifer McGowan, TNC’s Spatial Planning Technical Coordinator. The workshop guided participants to address needs in prioritization and planning for ongoing conservation projects. Four CTC team members attended, to build our organizational capacity to implement new projects, address complex issues, and effectively maintain existing conservation efforts.

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