28 Dec Learning the Basics of Marine Conservation Through Art and Games

During the last week of December 2019, the CTC Center for Marine Conservation received two groups from Pandatrip. The group of Chinese students, ranging from three to 15 years old and accompanied by their parents, came to our center to learn about coral species and basic marine conservation. Even at such young ages, all of the students were very enthusiastic about participating in the fun learning activities that we offered to them. 

The first group visited our center on December 26, and challenged themselves to try our Escape Room SOS From the Deep, as well as our Coral Clay Workshop. Bringing out their creative side, they learned different coral life forms that exist in a coral reef while hand molding clay.

On December 28, we received the second group, who also participated in a Coral Clay Workshop and then competed in our Amazing Ocean Race. For this group, CTC’s fun learning facilitators made alterations to the contents of the Amazing Ocean Race, to accomodate for the younger children. This was a race against time, where each team had to complete all ocean-related puzzles at pit stops throughout our Center. Throughout the race, they all learned about different types of coral life forms and other marine animals, as well as about marine ecosystems.

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