23 Dec New Escape Room “SOS Plastic Danger” Coming Soon

A second escape room is coming to the CTC Center for Marine Conservation in 2020! Building on the success of our first escape room “SOS from the Deep”, CTC will soon launch our latest escape room, focused on plastic pollution. This new escape room will offer a fun and exciting experience for visitors, while building awareness of ocean plastic pollution.

Escape Room “SOS Plastic Danger” is a fun, interactive game aimed at raising awareness of the hazards that plastic pollution can bring to marine life and to human health, all while players challenge themselves to solve the puzzles before the clock runs out. The game is played in teams of 2-6 players, entering a simulated scenario to save the oceans from plastic pollution. The team must complete all tasks in each room to find the clues and gain access to the next room, all while racing the clock to escape before their time is up. 

As they complete each task, the players will learn more about the current issues of plastic pollution in our environment, and the impact this can have on the health of our marine ecosystems. Through this game, players will gain a greater understanding of the challenges facing the ocean, and what everyone can do to help protect the ocean from plastic pollution. 

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