15 Dec Green Fins Indonesia Grows to 30 Members

CTC has been collaborating with the Green Fins program to support sustainable marine tourism practices in Indonesia. As the coordinator of Green Fins Indonesia since 2018, CTC is responsible for assessing dive operators before they officially become active members of Green Fins. As of December 2019, Green Fins Indonesia has over 30 members. They are Aqua Marine Bali, Bali Crystal Diver, Dune Atlantis Bali, Bali Scuba, Reef Seen, Sea Rovers, Abbys Ocean World, Intrinity Diver, Bahari Prawara Dive Center, Livingseas, Blue Season, Ceningan Dive Resort, Legend Diving, World Diving, Ocean Dream, Nico Dives Cool, Dive Indo, Bali Diving Academy, DPM Diving Nusa Penida, Divine Diving, Orca Nation, Scuba Junkie, Xpirates, Wurderpus, Azul Unlimited, Neren Diving Komodo, Critter Junkie, Spice Dive, Pari Dive, Blue Motion. Other members waiting for assessment include Siren Diving, Bali Breizh


Recently, on December 2-8, 2019, seven dive operators – both the old and new members – were assessed, trained and evaluated as active members of Green Fins. There are three existing members, including Flores XPirate, Scuba Junkie Komodo and Wunderpus Liveaboard, and the new members Azul Unlimited, Neren Diving Komodo, Devine Diving and Orca Nation.


During the assessment, all of the activities of the dive operator – from the time they pick up the divers until they finish diving – are assessed. The assessor has to make sure that the dive operator has followed Green Fins code of conduct and minimizes their impact on the environment. Before the assessment starts, new members join discussions and training to deepen their comprehension of Green Fins.

“We work with dive operators to support sustainable marine tourism practices, especially snorkeling and diving. We are more likely to approach the dive operators rather than the divers as Green Fins believes that diver behavior underwater depends on the guide, who is representative of the dive operator itself. If the divers are well-briefed, and the guide pays attention to the divers’ behavior, for instance, if the diver made a mistake would the dive operator correct it or not, it will slowly become a way to educate and become a habit for divers” said Marthen Welly, the Marine Conservation Advisor of CTC as well as a Green Fins Assessor.

Welcome to all new members of Green Fins and we hope you can continue to promote sustainable marine tourism practices to protect our marine ecosystems!

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