03 Dec Sharing Basic Marine Ecology and Sustainable Tourism with Bali WISE Scholars

As part of our continuing collaboration with Bali WISE to deliver a training program on basic marine ecology and sustainable tourism, we conducted a training session with Bali WISE students on December 3. There were 25 Bali WISE students who joined the training at CTC Center for Marine Conservation, delivered through a Fun Learning Class.


Before their class, the students had a tour of the Center, learning about CTC’s projects and mission. This was followed by a game in which the students were divided into five groups and were challenged to envision themselves as fishing communities where catching enough fish to feed each family is crucial, while also maintaining fish stocks and marine ecosystems. The game aims to teach players about the challenges facing fishing communities, and how to be a wise fisher who maintains marine resources.


In the fun learning class, the students learned about different marine ecosystems, marine protected areas, conservation techniques and sustainable tourism. The class concluded with a group activity in which each team was challenged to create a mind map for sustainable tourism which supports marine conservation efforts. Each group came up with different ideas for developing a sustainable tourism plan. Through these training sessions, CTC hopes that the students will go on to bring environmentally friendly practices to the hospitality industry, supporting coral reefs, marine ecosystems, and sustainable tourism.

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