30 Nov Resource Use Monitoring and Pokmaswas Training in the Lease Islands

In an effort to increase community engagement in the Lease Islands MPA management, and to build up local capacity in surveillance, monitoring and law enforcement, CTC conducted Resource Use Monitoring (RUM) and Community Based Marine and Fisheries Surveillance Group (Pokmaswas) training for teams in the Lease Islands from 26-30 November 2019. The training was held in Saparua Island, with 27 participants from three Pokmaswas teams in the Lease Islands MPA: Pokmaswas Rupranyo, Pokmaswas Duurstede, Pokmaswas Ana UKU Ha’a. 


The training sessions combined two modules of RUM and Pokmaswas that aligned to ensure the teams have the capacity to run surveillance activities around their villages. They were taught about MPA and ecosystem management principles, the tasks and responsibilities of Pokmaswas, and surveillance concepts and methods. They also had the chance to practice conducting RUM in the field. They are now able to promote Pokmaswas in their communities, create a work plan, lead surveillance patrols and collate data to help protect their marine and coastal ecosystems. 

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