23 Nov Public Consultations For a Stronger Sula Islands MPA

The Coral Triangle Center, as one of the implementing partners of the USAID Sustainable Ecosystem Advanced (SEA) Project, conducted a public consultation at the district level to obtain community and local government approval regarding the Sula Islands MPA zoning plan. The public consultation was held at Istana Daerah, Sula Islands District, on November 21, and attended by 70 people from the local government of North Maluku Province, Sula Islands District, community members and MPA stakeholders.


During the meeting, attendees were encouraged to actively participate in the discussion regarding the proposed draft of the management and zoning plans for the Sula Islands MPA. The drafted management and zoning plans for the MPA target 117,239.33 hectares to be proposed as a protected zone. The main target of the MPA is to protect marine biodiversity, in particular coral reefs, sea turtle habitats, marine mammals and other charismatic marine species, and mangrove forests. The Sula Islands MPA is also addressing socio-economic factors, aiming to improve the local livelihoods through sustainable fishing practices. 


The day before the meeting, the CTC team organized a meeting with the Bupati of Sula Islands District, Hendrata Thes, Head of Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Kepulauan Sula, Adam Umasugi and the representative from Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan North Maluku, Syahrudin Turuy. The meeting was designed to garner the Bupati’s support for the proposed management and zoning plan draft for the Sula Islands MPA. 

The local government of North Maluku Province, Sula Islands District, community members and MPA stakeholders were all enthusiastic about the establishment of the Sula Islands MPA, and are looking forward to approval at the provincial level. 

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