18 Nov Pokmaswas Training in the Banda Islands MPA Network

Pokmaswas is a community-based surveillance team which has been developed to assist local governments to control and manage marine and coastal ecosystems in Maluku Province. They play an important role in conducting resource use surveillance across the region, trained in the 3M principle: Listening (Mendengar), Monitoring (Memantau), and Reporting (Melaporkan). 


Local capacity to carry out their role effectively requires regular training. The Coral Triangle Center team visited Ay and Rhun Islands in Banda Naira Island from 14-18 November, to conduct Resource Use Monitoring (RUM) and Community-Based Marine and Fisheries Surveillance training for the local Pokmaswas teams. Twenty two representatives from two Pokmaswas teams joined CTC, with the local government, DKP GP VI and the Banda Islands MPA Network Management Unit explaining local rules and regulations, as well as the regulations for the MPA.


Participants were actively engaged in the training session, and learned about how to respond to situations they often encounter in their areas, such as illegal sand mining and diving in protected areas, as well as how to create action plans for greater impact in the future. Pokmaswas play a crucial role in protecting marine and coastal ecosystems, and show the commitment from local communities to protect and manage their marine resources.

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