31 Oct Have You Tried Escape Room SOS from the Deep?

Escape room “SOS from the Deep” is the first-ever marine conservation themed escape room in Indonesia. The game allows a team of players to work together to discover clues and complete puzzles to progress through the rooms and accomplish their mission in a race against time.

The CTC escape room is a fun, interactive game which aims to inform players about marine environments, and the threats they face, while they challenge themselves to solve the puzzles. “Escape Room SOS from the Deep” is a game-changing way to influence players of all ages, educating them about the importance of marine conservation and what can be done to protect our oceans.

This one-hour mission challenges players to look, listen and collaborate. Some of our top-finishers have worked so well together they solved the clues half an hour before the clock ran out, using initiative, lateral thinking and teamwork. Do you have what it takes to save our oceans?

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