07 Oct Coral Clay Workshop with Courtney Mattison

On Monday, October 7, 2019, the CTC Center for Marine Conservation held a special edition of “I Love Monday” with ceramic artist, Courtney Mattison. The lead designer of the Coral Universe art installation, Courtney returned to the Center and shared techniques for hand-building beautiful clay corals.


Courtney led the ceramics workshop, which was attended by participants from the Sanur community, ranging from children to adults. Every participant had the chance to form different types of corals such as massive coral, branching coral, and foliose coral. Some of the younger participants even created tiny fish that they put on top of their corals.

Some of CTC’s partners, and our coral ceramic artists who supported us during the making of the Coral Universe exhibit from Balai Teknologi Industri Kreatif Keramik – BTIKK BPPT, also came to the special event.

While this was a special event, you can join us every Monday for your very own clay coral molding class. The I Love Monday Workshop gives you the chance to learn different techniques to make ceramic corals from clay, while also learning about coral reef ecosystems, different coral lifeforms, and the importance of protecting coral reefs.

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