30 Sep Monitoring the Implementation of the Nusa Penida MPA Zoning System

Managing a marine protected area takes dedication, and the input of local knowledge. The Bali MPA Management Unit – Nusa Penida Team is made up of local leaders, who are committed to protecting the area’s marine resources. As well as outreach and educating local communities on the importance of the MPA, they perform regular patrols, ensuring the zoning system is being implemented correctly, and local fisheries and tourism operators are aware of their responsibilities within the MPA. These patrols are an important part of ensuring the effectiveness of management plans and the sustainability of the MPA.


In late September, the management unit partnered with representatives from the Indonesian Navy and Marine Police, with support from CTC, for another patrol around the islands. Weather conditions were good, and the patrol boat circled each island, monitoring use in each of the seven zones. The day involved meeting with many fishing and tourism boats working across the zones. The patrol provided the Management Unit with an opportunity to share knowledge and ensure local operators are aware of the restrictions in different zones.


The management unit was also able to collect data on the number and location of boats in the different zones, and the different ways the MPA is being utilized. This data will be used to continually monitor and update the management plan, as tourism and fishing practices change in the area.

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