30 Sep Introducing Marine Conservation to Seawalker Guests through a Fun Learning Class

On the last Sunday of September, CTC Center for Marine Conservation was visited by guests from Seawalker Sanur. The guests from China came to Bali on the Asia Mega Famtrip Program, and are influencers focused on lifestyle, weddings, and travel, as well as media from People’s Daily and iFeng.


The Asia Mega Famtrip Program includes a Coral Conservation Tour. In line with their tour program, they decided to visit CTC to learn about coral conservation. During their visit, they had a tour around our Center and a fun learning class.

Through CTC’s augmented reality game they learned about coral lifeforms. Through this game, they were able to see the beauty of coral and marine animals that live within the reefs. The lessons from the game were then reinforced with an interactive fun learning class.

Through CTC’s presentation, they learned about the coastal environments that benefits both humans and marine life, and how important it is to maintain balance and protect biodiverse ecosystems. They were also taught the basics of being a responsible Seawalker visitor, according to the Green Fins code of conduct.

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