30 Sep “I Love Monday” Coral Clay Workshops

Monday can be the hardest day of the week, with everyone struggling to get back to their daily routine after all the fun of the weekend. At the Center for Marine Conservation, we created a fun workshop to enjoy so that you can continue the fun of the weekend on Monday!

The clay hand molding workshop is based on the Coral Universe sculpture at the Center for Marine Conservation. We invite our guests to explore their art over a cup of coffee every Monday afternoon. During the class we teach you about coral life forms that exist in a coral reef, while exploring these forms through clay sculpture.

CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation is an integrated fun learning space dedicated to coral reef and ocean protection. We provide various fun learning activities and creative workshops for people from all walks of life to learn and be inspired to protect our coral reefs and oceans. This coral clay workshop aims to raise awareness on the beauty and fragility of coral reefs. All proceeds from this fun learning activity will support marine conservation efforts in Indonesia and across the Coral Triangle Region. 

Book before 12pm Mondays to reserve your spot in the next I Love Monday workshop! Email centerbookings@coraltrianglcenter.org or call +62 361 289 338.

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