04 Sep Fun Learning Day with Green School Students

On September 4, CTC Center for Marine Conservation received a visit from Green School’s students. Sixteen students came to learn through interactive fun learning about coastal environments that benefit both humans and marine life, and also different types of coral life forms.


These middle school students are taking a six-week course at their school focusing on ocean conservation. All of the students are interested in taking part in coral and mangrove conservation activities. As these students are learning about the theory of marine conservation at their school, they were excited to do some hands-on and fun learning activities while at CTC. 

During their fun learning trip they tried out some of the Center’s activities such as the coral clay workshop and Escape Room “SOS from the Deep”.  The coral clay workshop taught them about different coral life forms that exist in a coral reef, while they had the chance to hand mold the clay. This workshop aims to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of coral reefs. Meanwhile, the Escape Room “SOS from the Deep” gave them a fun and challenging experience. This interactive game is packed with messages about the ocean environment and the threats it faces. While they challenge themselves against the clock, they are also learning about the current situation facing our oceans and how they can contribute to protecting marine ecosystems.

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