25 Aug Spreading the Word of Marine Conservation at the Sanur Village Festival 2019

Sanur Village Festival is one of the most anticipated festivals in Bali. The festival is a community event founded by Yayasan Pembangunan Sanur which offers a wide variety of activities including local food, various contests and competitions, art and cultural attractions, live music and a creative economy exhibition, as well as various types of environmentally-friendly activities.

This year, the Coral Triangle Center once again joined the festival from August 22-25. The CTC booth exhibited our programs across the Coral Triangle region and our fun learning activities offered at the CTC Center for Marine Conservation. Throughout the festival, the CTC team spread the word of marine conservation.

Sanur Village Festival, which is entering its 14th year, has several themes, one of which is related to the environment. As one of the festival exhibitors, we engaged visitors to learn with us about marine ecosystems and the importance of protecting our planet, through our board games and informational charts. Through our Aquatico board game, many festival-goers of various ages were keen to play and learn about different ecosystems. We also offered visitors a chance to play the Race to Recycle board game, which taught them facts and figures about plastic waste, and the damage that this can have on our oceans.

The most talked about showcase at the booth was our Lucky Wheel, Spin and Win. Each visitor had the chance to try their luck to win prizes, including discount vouchers to play the Escape Room SOS from the Deep, bamboo straws and CTC bracelets. 

This yearly event held in Sanur is a great step for public environmental education, one of the flagship missions of the Sanur Village Festival. The passion for an eco-friendly festival was inspiring, and highlighted the community spirit of Sanur.

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