17 Aug Public Outreach for Marine Conservation During Independence Day in Buano

CTC has been working together with local champions, Pejuang Laut, to conduct public discussions and education events on marine conservation. This month, the communities from North Buano and South Buano Villages in the Buano Islands MPA asked the USAID SEA Project, through CTC, to support them in commemorating the 74th Indonesian Independence Day by running fun and educational events, while providing outreach materials and merchandise which showcase key conservation messages.


The USAID SEA Project provided prizes and collaterals for two competitions, namely the Tarik Tambang for women, and Picture Coloring for elementary school kids. Both competitions were held on August 16, and were joined by 100 participants. The prizes were given on the following day and consisted of pins and stickers, as well as other eco-friendly products such as metal straws, water bottles, food containers, hats and fabric tote bags. The prizes also aimed to educate the community to protect marine resources and support marine conservation efforts.

Concurrently, some Pejuang Laut of the Buano Islands MPA, namely Roberth Hutuely, Megi Pesirahu, Suardi Sombalatu and Will Ch. Tutuarima, disseminated the key messages of marine conservation. They asked the community to use eco-friendly fishing gear, stop cutting down mangroves, protect marine animals, and stop throwing plastic waste into the ocean. The outreach activities were done in engaging ways such as quizzes and trivia games during the competition.

This event was also part of the transitional phase from CTC to the Pejuang Laut to ensure the sustainability of awareness raising and advocacy projects to ensure continuous behavioral change within the community. Thus, there will be an emphasis on knowledge sharing between CTC and Pejuang Laut to improve and sustain efforts. CTC demonstrated public education methods during the first public activities done in Buano Islands in February 2019. The Pejuang Laut can now replicate and adopt these methods. CTC will supervise and evaluate the overall event implementation. The team hopes these events will lead to more people in the Buano Islands engaging with the key message of marine conservation and the tagline “Lestari Lautku Banyak Ikanku” (Sustainable Sea Abundant Fish), leading to positive behavioral changes within the community.

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