26 Jul Teaching Scuba Diving Skills in North Maluku

Managing MPAs is a complex process that takes many groups and skills to come together. For CTC and our partners, scuba diving skills can be an important aspect, allowing us to effectively monitor reef systems and the creatures that live there. This month we helped facilitate a scuba dive training session for 20 local government representatives and university students in North Maluku Province. CTC provided a dive instructor and assistant instructor, who were joined by three additional assistant instructors from universities, dive clubs and the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Agency (DKP) for North Maluku Province.


The dive training was carried out according to Scuba School International (SSI) certification standards, and took four days. The training covered theoretical and practical knowledge of equipment, methods, safety procedures and dive laws. It was also an opportunity for the trainees to expand their knowledge of marine ecosystems, and the life found in the waters of North Maluku. They were given a basic introduction to marine biology and coral reef ecosystems, and were able to then visit the ecosystems they had learned about.

 The dive training was a first step, and it is now important to continue to improve the skills of the participants so they can be fully involved in reef health monitoring, dive excursions and marine research. For the DKP staff who participated in the training, they saw this as an important moment in their professional development, which would support their roles across North Maluku. By building up their capacity, they will now be better able to care for and manage marine ecosystems in their communities.

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