27 Jun Fun Learning with Indonesia’s GSTC Members

CTC has been working with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) to promote sustainable tourism in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle region. The council routinely hosts GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Programs in Bali and recently invited local governments from various regions in Indonesia to join in. The Center for Marine Conservation in Bali has become one of GSTC’s pit stops to learn about the importance of protecting the environment. 


Since April, we have hosted Fun Learning Games for Change activities with GSTC at our Center for Marine Conservation. In June we received a group from the local government of Riau Province that was a part of the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program in Bali. During their visit, they had the chance to enjoy a CTC tour to have a deeper understanding of the Coral Triangle region, and they also learned about the importance of protecting ecosystems through our Fun Learning Game for Change, Aquatico. 

Putting tourism on a sustainable path is a difficult challenge that requires partnerships and collaboration between the tourism industry, government and visitors, themselves. Through collaborating with GSTC, the CTC hopes to grow our partnerships to promote sustainable tourism across Indonesia and the Coral Triangle region, while also influencing other countries to implement sustainable tourism practices.

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