26 Jun Inspiring Young Women Scholars from Bali WISE Through Fun Learning Classes

Another fun learning class with Bali WISE students was held this month. These young women are currently doing a 6 month hospitality training course through the Bali WISE scholarship. This Fun Learning class has become a regular partnership between CTC and Bali WISE. A total of 30 students, divided into two groups, came to CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation on June 25th and 26th 2019.

During the Fun Learning Class, the students learned about the basics of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and marine coastal ecosystems. All of the students were very active throughout the class and asked lots of interesting questions. At the end of the class, they were asked to make a presentation about their role in the future as a member of the hospitality industry. Their task was to discuss possible challenges to sustainable practices and how to overcome them, while still managing to develop and prosper as a business.

The Fun Learning Class was reinforced with fun Games for Change activities. The students had the chance to play the Tragedy of the Common and fish length estimation games. These two games taught them how to become a wise fisherwoman and a marine conservationist.


CTC hopes that we can inspire more and more people in the hospitality and tourism industries to promote sustainable tourism to their guests. With Indonesia’s tourism industry a vital component of the economy, it is important to maintain our extraordinary environment on land and at sea through sustainable tourism.

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