11 Jun Take Time to be Kind, Save the Planet – with Hard Rock Hotel Bali

In October 2018, Hard Rock Hotel Bali generously donated Rp. 194,726,281 to the Coral Triangle Center through their Rock N’ Run charity event.

Through this donation, the foundation was able to support ongoing marine conservation efforts in the  Nusa Penida MPA, notably the expansion of the coral nursery garden in Nusa Lembongan and the installation of 2 mooring buoys on famous dive and snorkelling sites: Crystal Bay and Mangrove Point.

In early June 2019, the CTC team had the honor to bring Hard Rock Hotel Bali’s CSR management team on-site in the Nusa Penida MPA to see the impact of their positive contribution. The Hard Rock team was able to visit the coral nursery garden, and adopt and plant juvenile corals themselves on their dedicated substrates. Satya Posana Nusa, the local environmental community group, was there to support, and even provided a guitar-shaped substrate that represents the Hard Rock logo. Anyone can now easily find the coral garden through the buoy marker written with Hard Rock’s motto: “Take time to be kind. Save the planet.”

The visit continued to Ped Temple in Nusa Penida, where the Hard Rock team were able to perform religious ceremonies. Ped Temple is well known across Bali, and the sea that is directly facing it is considered sacred, where no water-based activities are allowed to be held. On the way back to Sanur, the team was able to stop by Mangrove Point to see their mooring buoy being used by one of the snorkelling tour operators on the island. The mooring buoys allow for boats to secure themselves on one point without having to drop anchor and damage the reef below. The CTC very much appreciated Hard Rock Hotel Bali’s visit to the Nusa Penida MPA and hopes for a continued collaboration to take time to be kind and save the planet together.

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