17 Apr Conserving Bali’s Coral Reefs with NuSkin and Kelompok Serangan

CTC participated in a massive coral transplantation campaign initiated by NuSkin China and Kelompok Serangan for 2 weeks in April. As part of their community and leadership appreciation trip to Bali, NuSkin China allocated a total of 6 days where hundreds of their community members alternately visited and played in the Nusa Penida waters on the QuickSilver pontoon.

During this trip, many members of NuSkin participated in a mass coral transplantation program of close to 200 juvenile corals spanning 2 weeks overseen and led by Pak Wayan Patut, leader of Kelompok Serangan Bali. Members of NuSkin China deeply appreciated the actions and efforts that CTC and local communities are making to ensure coral conservation and we hope that they will help amplify our message to their friends and family.

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