11 Apr Bringing Ocean Inspired Keepsakes through Mola Shop at ADEX Singapore 2019

As the theme of ADEX Singapore 2019 is dedicated to a plastic free ocean, we were proud to showcase a range of eco-friendly products of reusable straw kits that include coconut husk straw cleaners. CTC’s Jenggala ceramic collection also made its debut at ADEX this year, bringing a unique touch of coral and ocean inspired home wares, and the story of our Coral Universe art exhibit at the Center for Marine Conservation.


As part of CTC’s Games 4 Change initiative, the Mola Shop officially launched a new board game made by Thea Frommenwiller, a former CTC intern, called Race 2 Recycle. In this game, inspired by snakes and ladders, players are racing each other on the board to reach the finish line, all the while having to pick up and recycle trash cards along the way! Race 2 Recycle is great educational tool to teach people on marine debris and the current state of our oceans.

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