29 Mar High School Students Raise Funds for Marine Conservation

carbina-bali-charity event-studentsOn February 9, 2019, students from Sekolah Lentera Kasih organized a charity event called Make Waves Bali, where 100% of their profit were donated to CTC to fund marine conservation efforts. This event was held in the evening and attended by over 70 students from different schools across Bali, who were able to enjoy live performances, music, food and refreshments.Through the course of the evening, the students were able to raise Rp. 6,510,000 in total through ticket sales, merchandise and fun games that were held during the event.

donation-sekolah lentera kasih-coral triangleThrough this charity event, the students hope that the donation would greatly help advance in marine and coral conservation and help the organization to raise people’s awareness for the ocean.  The donation was received at CTC at the Center for Marine Conservation on March 29, 2019. The Coral Triangle Center deeply appreciates this generous donation and more than anything hopeful that the future generation cares deeply for the health of the ocean and environment.

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