11 Feb Sustainable Fisheries Training for Blue Swimming Crab

As Indonesia’s third-highest-value fishery, Blue Swimming Crab (BSC) contributes a significant source of income to fishers and other stakeholders involved in the processing and sales. The fishery provides direct employment for 60,000 fishers and 13,000 pickers in 7 Fisheries Management Area (FMA). Hence, it is extremely important to ensure the sustainability of the resources for generations to come. In support of the Blue Swimming Crab Sustainable Fishery Initiative (IPPRB), CTC, Environmental Defense Fund and Starling resources provided a one-week training from 11-15 February 2019 to the Fisheries Management Committee (KPPRB) members, Community Organizers and Fisheries extension officers from three regencies in Lampung province.

The 17 participants learned the fisheries biology of BSC, the economic and resource management aspects, as fundamental knowledge to implement the action plan of BSC management in Lampung Province. In addition, the training aims to equip the Community Organizer (CO) as the “Frontliners” of the BSC management with various communication and fundamental community organizing skills who will enable them to work with various fishery stakeholders particularly fishers, to define problems and issues and assist them to address the challenges collaboratively. At the end of the training, our evaluation showed a very positive appraisal of the training by the participants and they were able to learn effectively.

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