28 Jan Saparua Youth Take the Challenge to Protect Our Oceans

Aiming to disseminate key information and messages about the importance of marine conservation, the USAID Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (USAID SEA) Project through CTC held socialization and education targeting youths and students in Saparua Island, Maluku. The activities were conducted on 28-31 January 2019 and successfully reached 743 students living in the island.

During the four-day community outreach, CTC visited 3 elementary schools (SD INPRES Haria 1, SD INPRES Haria 2 and SDN 1 Saparua), 1 junior high school (SMPN 1 Saparua), dan 3 high schools (SMAN 1 Saparua, SMKN 1 Saparua and SMKN 2 Saparua). In addition, CTC was also able to reach youth community in Tuhaha Village and various women and fishers groups in Saparua, Haria, and Siri Sori Amalatu Village. In total, there were 809 community members that got exposed to the messages of marine resource protection to support the establishment of marine protected area (MPA) in Lease Islands, Maluku. The Lease Islands MPA includes three prominent islands of Haruku, Saparua and Nusalaut. CTC with full support from USAID SEA Project is working collaboratively with Provincial Government of Maluku on the MPA establishment in Lease Islands.

Moreover, CTC also gained sufficient support from the local government and Pejuang Laut (Champions of the SEA) in form of facilitation to schools and community groups, as well as venue provision. The Pejuang Laut also assisted CTC in disseminating the outreach materials of stickers and posters to their respective community. With the slogan of “Lestari Lautku Banyak Ikanku” (Protecting Our Sea Resulting More Fish), this socialization and education will hopefully increase the general awareness and knowledge that leads to more tangible behavioral change towards marine conservation and sustainable fisheries in the future.

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