06 Dec Green Fins Indonesia expands to Komodo National Park

CTC’s Green Fins assessors, Marthen Welly and Wira Sanjaya, assessed 3 dive operators in Komodo National Park to become the newest members of Green Fins Indonesia. The dive centers that were assessed included XPirate Dive Camp Komodo, Wunderpus Liveaboard, and Scuba Junkie Komodo. This brings the total number of Green Fins members in Indonesia to 14.  







In general, dive operators in Komodo National Park have been environmentally friendly in their activities, mainly related to plastic waste. However, based on the Green Fins’ assessment, there were some areas that needed improvement, such as use of chemicals at sea (cleaning masks and detergents), lack of briefings on the environment and marine biota, and lack of information about the zoning system and the rule of law in Komodo National Park. Overall, all activities went well and received a very positive response from the dive operators.  






On 6 December 2018, a Green Fins’ socialization was held with members of DOCK (Dive Operator Community Komodo), dive operators in Labuan Bajo, and WWF Indonesia. The socialization went well and all agreed to carry out eco-friendly and sustainable tourism activities. Some dive centers expressed interest in becoming members of Green Fins Indonesia and CTC is looking forward to collaborate with DOCK Komodo to expand Green Fins program in the area.  

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