01 Oct Did you know? Semesta Terumbu Karang—Coral Universe is dedicated to the Coral Triangle region

Did you know? Semesta Terumbu Karang—Coral Universe is dedicated to the Coral Triangle region—the most biodiverse marine environment in the world including Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste.

The design highlights the connectivity and important roles played by the Coral Triangle countries in protecting reefs in an area considered the “bullseye” of marine biodiversity. While covering only 1.5% of the planet’s oceanic area, the Coral Triangle is home to 76% (603) of the world’s coral species and is the habitat of 37% (2,228) of the world’s reef fish species.

Semesta Terumbu Karang—Coral Universe emphasizes the beauty and bio-diversity of the Coral Triangle’s reefs featuring corals that are commonly found in the region. It also shows the fragility of corals and how human-caused threats such as climate change that leads to mass bleaching and death of corals across the region due to the warming sea temperature.

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