05 Sep Exit Strategy Meeting in Southeast Maluku: The Establishment of Community Empowerment Working Team

SeaNet Project held an “Exit Strategy” meeting with related institutions in Southeast Maluku District on 5 September, 2018. The meeting was held regarding with the end of SeaNet Project program in near future. The meeting has resulted an agreement on establishing a working team.

The establishment of working team was based on the good achievement gained by SeaNet together with local government institutions in community empowerment. In addition to it, there is a model development of community empowerment resulted that can be applied to other villages.

The meeting discussed about the implementation carried out by each institution, and also about a development of community planning at partner villages after the end of SeaNet program in Southeast Maluku. The establishment of working team in Souteast Maluku is now at preparation, work plan, and documents completion steps.

Indonesia Seanet Project has given fishery guidance to fishermen a better way of fishery practices to increase income and support an effort to sustain the avalaibility of fish in the coastal area. The SeaNet project has also supported the post harvest economic value improvement through product quality improvement, added value and business strengthen, as well as marketing skill.

Two groups of women from Merauke District have been selling fish meatballs, dried fish floss and amplang crackers to Ambon. The marketing activity is one of the targets of assistance by SeaNet project in strengthening marketing expertise. The products which is made by them are marketed in several supermarkets in Ambon and shipments from Merauke to Ambon takes four days by ship.

Meanwhile, two women groups in Southeast Maluku District have also sold their products to supermarket in Langgur- the capital of Southeast Maluku district. The products are dried anchovy, salted fish and dried floss fish.

All products have received ‘Halal Certificate’ from Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) as well as certification for household-scale production permits (PIRT).

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