11 Aug Educational Game Design Class at CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation

On 11-12 August, 2018, CTC and Ludenara hosted a two-day interactive game design class at the Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur. The class was an interactive workshop that presented the basic application of game design to raise awareness about various environmental issues facing our society.

During the two days, participants learned how to use board games as a learning medium to help bring awareness to current environmental issues as well as strategize ways to overcome these issues and were coached directly by Eko Nugroho, the pioneer of Indonesian game-based learning and supported by CTC facilitators. The participants involved in the workshop came from a range of organizations such as Akademi Trainer, Quanta Edutama Indonesia, Jenggala Keramik, SMPN 9, Bottle for Botol, DaurEsia, EcoBali Recycling, KONO Green Living, Conservation International Indonesia, BNI Denpasar, and Coral Triangle Center.







On the first day, participants discussed pressing environmental issues and the potential to use game-based interactive learning approaches to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. Towards the end of day one, participants were organized into four groups to start conceptualizing a possible environmental game that would be utilized for educational purposes.

On the second day, the participants in each group worked hard to sharpen their game concepts and ideas in order to build an environmental game prototype of their own design using rapid prototyping techniques. Once the prototypes were designed, participants had the opportunity to play the prototype games from other groups and then provide feedback. At the end of the Game Design Class, four environmentally educational board games were designed focusing on the given topics: climate change, plastic pollution, waste management, and natural resources.

Thank you to all those involved in the Game Design Class!

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