17 Jul Synergy in Marine Conservation and Sustainable Fisheries Management

CTC Executive Director Rili Djohani presented and led discussions on the synergy of marine conservation and sustainable fisheries management at a workshop held on July 17, 2018 organized by the Inisiatif Kelestarian Kelautan dan perikAnan Nusantara (IKKAN) in Jakarta.

During her talk, Rili emphasized the need to coordinate and synergize Marine Protected Area (MPA) and Fisheries Management Area (FMA) management to ensure the achievement of conservation and economic goals. CTC Board of Advisor Professor Abdul Ghofar and SeaNet Project Coordinator Imam Syuhada also attended the workshop and provided their view on sustainable fisheries management in Indonesia.

IKKAN is a network of organizations and professions who are working to ensure that fisheries are managed responsibly to give sustainable economic, social and ecological benefits for local communities, industry and the national economy for now and future generations. Its mission is to align and support the collaboration of stakeholders in achieving a common goal to realize sustainable marine and fisheries in Indonesia.

Following the workshop, the participants noted the importance of collaboration between various sectors (government, business, civil society organizations, academics, fishermen and between conservation and fisheries) realize sustainable seas and fisheries in Indonesia.

They also noted that although historically marine conservation and fisheries actors used to work separately, combination and collaboration between these two fields has begun to be more visible in recent years and needs to be further developed. There is also a need to further harness collaboration in data sharing between academics and those who are implementing sustainable fisheries projects on the ground.  Further discussion and follow-up is needed so that fisheries data collection by various parties can support and be used for national fisheries data.

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