29 Jun CTC Organizes Twin Grant Writing Workshops in Bali and Kuching for National Geographic Society

National Geographic Society (NGS) collaborated with CTC and Sustainable Solutions to deliver two training workshops aimed to harness participants’ skills in writing funding proposals for NGS and increase their success rate in getting their proposals approved.

A total of 14  participants from Indonesia joined the workshop in Bali on June 22, 2018 while 17 participants from all over the Southeast Asia joined the sessions in Kuching, Malaysia held on June 29-July 1, 2018.

During the training, the participants experienced interactive and engaging sessions designed using Pedagogical Approach of Technology of Participation and Open Standard for Conservation Practitioners techniques, to increase applicants’ potential on writing proposals for NGS grants.

The course had 9 sessions in total that provided top tips in preparing proposal, articulating project goal, objectives, theoretical framework for big picture contribution, calculating budget, and knowledge clinic.  During the workshop majority of participants showed significant improvement in articulating project objective, defining gaps, threats, and challenges, shaping the big picture contribution of their project, and also detailing their methods to achieve objectives.

The workshops also inspired the trainers themselves, as they had the chance to meet young passionate and enthusiastic explorers wh are proposing on projects that contribute to sustaining the need for human, wildlife, and earth was somehow considered as our investment for future generations.

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