01 Jun New Green Fins Members

This month, CTC certified three new dive shops in Pemuteran, Bali to become the newest Green Fins members in Bali. These dive shops were Reef Seen Dive Resort and See Rovers.

Green Fins is a comprehensive approach that encourages dive centres and snorkel operators, local communities and governments to work together to reduce their environmental impacts. This is primarily done through the private sector adopting a Code of Conduct that will help mitigate their impacts when carrying out marine tourism activities.

The Code of Conduct consists of 15 points, which target environmental threats posed by the tourism industry, both under water and on land. Green Fins members receive the training and the tools to promote environmental education and awareness, tapping into the tourists and the diving community, which is shifting more and more towards eco-friendly initiatives as a result of the demand from the consumer.

Green Fins dives even deeper as it creates a network through which dive centes, local and national governments and communities who work together to tackle local environmental threats to protect livelihoods and food security.

Members, who join for free, receive annual assessments, training and feedback to help them achieve the Code of Conduct points, that not only standardizes membership but also allows a system for measurable progress and collaboration between stakeholders. To become a Green Fins member, contact indonesia@greenfins.net

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