25 Mar CTC Escape Room ‘SOS from the Deep’ Proved a Hit at Ocean Day in Sanur

Over 500 attendees attended the Ocean Day Festival held on March 25, 2018 at Genius Café Sanur. It was a day dedicated to tackling oceanic-sized challenges threatening our seas and to raise awareness about ocean protection and business solutions and ecosystem services for ocean protection.

CTC led the opening speech on ocean conservation and several efforts to address plastic pollution locally and around the world. We also had a booth showcasing our “Games for Change” program such as Escape Room SOS from the Deep and Aquatico board game.

Ocean Day, which supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals “Life Below Water” and “Partnership for Goals”, is planned to happen 4 times a year, bringing a tide of Ocean Ambassadors together to raise awareness about the threats and solutions to save our seas.


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