15 Feb Marine Protected Areas: Global Standards for Success

A workshop held by the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) in Washington DC in February 2018 resulted a new standard for marine protected areas (MPAs) around the world. The standard emphasized on the following criteria: good governance, sound planning and MPA design, effective management, and conservation outcomes.

The standard built upon existing guidance from IUCN, Resolutions agreed at past World Conservation Congresses, and other relevant standards agreed by the IUCN community such as World Heritage Sites. They emphasize on the Around 40 scientists and marine conservation managers worked together to help develop short, clear and explicit minimum expected standards. CTC Executive Director, Rili Djohani participated in the workshop to create a document that makes all the essential elements of MPA standards clearer.

The downloadable information sheet can be used by countries, agencies, inter-governmental bodies and NGO’s to help with MPA implementation. A more detailed standard can be found here Marine Protected Areas: Global Standards for Success.



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