16 Dec Building Internal Capacity in Media Management and Market Research

CTC held its annual year-end staff retreat in Bali this month with a series of workshops focusing on media strategy and market research. The media strategy workshop aimed to strengthen our understanding of the media landscape in Indonesia and help build the team’s capacity to speak about our work to external audiences specifically members of the press.

The marketing research workshop aimed to train the team on how to conduct market research, identify which research tool is best suited for a particular target audience, as well as identify new activities for CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation.


Best-selling writer Ahmad Fuadi and public relations strategist Ramdani Sirait from Jakarta-based communications firm Idekini led the media strategy workshop while the marketing research workshop was led by Hamish Cameron, CTC volunteer under the Australian Volunteers for International Development Program. Hamish has been assisting CTC this year in conducting market research for the new Center for Marine Conservation.

Following the workshop, the team held a Chef Challenge for Conservation where the staff collaborated to make the best dish! The challenge hopefully left valuable lessons on teamwork and cooperation that will help us achieve our goals in marine conservation while working together in the year ahead!



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