13 Nov Fisheries Extension Officers in North Maluku Learn About Blue Economy Principles

Last month, the training team of Coral Triangle Center visited Ternate City in North Maluku to conduct the Application of Blue Economy in Sustainable Fisheries Management Training for four and half day, starting from November 13-17, 2017. It was part of a training series of the USAID Sustainable Ecosystems (USAID SEA) Project to strengthen the marine extension programs. There were 19 fisheries extension officers attended the training coming from different marine protected areas in North Maluku that lies within the Indonesian Fisheries Management Area (FMA) 715.

The main topics of the training consisted of basic marine ecology, marine protected area monitoring, blue economy principles, as well as the canvas business model. The training aimed to increase the knowledge and skills of fisheries extension officers to assist the coastal community members in developing alternative livelihoods and supporting the community based monitoring of marine protected areas. After receiving the training materials, the participants are expected to identify specific blue economy strategy that meets the needs of the coastal community members in their respective areas, to educate the community about small-scale marine industries that produce zero waste, as well as to develop the appropriate canvas business model towards the selected alternative livelihood sectors.

On the fourth day, all participants visited an Independent Marine and Fisheries Training Center (P2MKP) Sari Laha in Ternate that produces fish sauce, dried fish floss and canary cake as their main commodities. Most of participants said that the training and field visit have successfully inspired them to adopt the blue economy principles in developing alternative livelihoods in the community. In the future, CTC will have more training in blue economy to reach more participants, not only the fisheries extension officers, but other related stakeholders as well.


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