26 Sep Raising Awareness on Sustainable Marine Resource Management in Buano Island

As part of its implementation of the USAID Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (SEA) Project, CTC joined local leaders in Buano Islands in Maluku Province to raise awareness about sustainable marine resource management on September 26, 2017

CTC was a presenter at a seminar entitled “Local Wisdom Documentation towards Natural Resources Management” which was conducted by Lembaga Partisipasi Pembangunan Masyarakat (LPPM) Maluku. The presentation focused on the results of its recently-concluded biophysic, socio-economic and perception surveys, which will be used as inputs in developing a proposed marine protected area (MPA) in Buano.

The event was attended by 36 participants from the local leaders of Buano Island, such as the king of North Buano Village, customary (adat) leaders, North and South Buano Village officials, youth leaders, local NGO (LPPM and Moluccas Coastal Care) members and academes/researchers from University of Pattimura and Islamic State Institute Ambon.

The participants appreciated the presentation and provided positive responses during the question and answer session. They highlighted the importance of MPA establishment in Buano Island to protect the marine resources from overexploitation and allow some areas to recover after being damaged by destructive fishing practices (i.e. using bomb and chemicals) in the past. They also expected a good spatial planning in Buano Island to accommodate the marine tourism development as alternative livelihoods for local community members.

During the event, CTC also strengthened the connection with local champions to contribute more in USAID SEA Project activities in the future by encouraging the community members to participate in the events. In the future, CTC will visit Buano Island on regular basis to support and build the capacity of the local community in sustainably managing their marine resources.

The local government in West Seram, which Buano is a part of, aims to establish new multiple-use MPAs that coves Buano Island, Valentine Strait and its surrounding waters which will cover a total area of approximately 13,416 hectares with total coastal line of 88.27 kilometer (see map). The proposed multiple-use MPA will have a zoning system to support the sustainable fisheries, conservation of endangered marine species, as well as marine tourism.

The USAID SEA Project, through CTC, will support the MPA establishment by providing scientific inputs, development of the zoning plan, finalization of the MPA management plan and providing training and environment education to the communities living within the proposed MPA, as well as increasing the capacity of government officers who will be managing the MPA.

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