18 Aug Improving Capacity to Ensure Effective Management of the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area (MPA)

CTC organized a training and competency assessment for the staff of the Nusa Penida MPA Management Unit on August 7-15, 2017.  A total of 13 participants attended the training held in Nusa Penida, while 9 participants joined the competency assessment held in CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur, Bali.

The training aimed to provide the participants with basic knowledge about the concept of an MPA and the ecosystem factors that influence and work within the MPA.

They also learned about basic knowledge and skills in fisheries, tourism and education activities within the MPA and improved their skills in supervision and enforcement of the rules within an MPA.  We also hope that the training increased the participants’ overall interest and attention in the protection of marine biological resources.

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