15 Aug CTC supports Green Fins to Introduce Sustainable Diving and Snorkeling Certification in Indonesia

CTC, in collaboration with Green Fins and partner dive companies, conducted a hands-on workshop on how to assess dive and snorkeling operators and issue the Green Fins certificate for sustainable diving and snorkeling from August 22-25, 2017 in Bali. The workshop was conducted by Green Fins Director James Harvey.

Green Fins is an internationally recognized certification program with a mission “To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving and snorkeling tourism industry”.Initiated by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), Green Fins is managed by a National Management Team in each country they are operating in, consisting of governmental bodies and national NGO’s.

CTC is exploring a partnership with Green Fins in Indonesia by assessing and certifying private sectors businesses in the dive industry. During the workshop, the CTC team had the chance to observe and actively participate in the assessment of dive operators, training on the Green Fins Code of Conduct and be part of the evaluation process. As a result, two Sanur-based dive centers Dune Atlantis and Crystal Divers, qualified as Green Fins members.

Some of the benefits of becoming a Green Fins certified dive center include free annual membership which involves environmental training for staff, and environmental risk assessment using a series of Code of Conduct points that encourage marine conservation and education for both the dive centers and their guests, as well as a consultation with dive centers to agree on improvements.

Besides the benefit of membership to encourage ocean conservation practices, certified Green Fins dive centers will receive marketing tools to encourage environmentally friendly dive and snorkeling practices, listing on Green Fins’ website (www.greenfins.net), and the privilege to join a growing internally recognized elite group of environmentally friendly dive centers.

As a potential assessor and national partner for Green Fins in Indonesia, all materials can also carry CTC’s logo which will help promote and raise awareness for our mission. CTC’s partnership with Green Fins has just begun, so stay tuned on its continued development and growth around Bali and the surrounding area.

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