31 Jul CTC’s Coral Wall Community Art Project Takes Shape

We are happy to announce that our coral wall project is progressing at full pace. Following the initial workshop conducted by lead artist and designer Courtney Mattison in June 2017, we have held three subsequent volunteer and professional artist workshops in July and have now produced 1537 ceramic coral pieces! We have also received in-kind and technical support from Jenggala Keramik, helping to ensure that the project will be a success!

The Coral Wall project – a monumental scale ceramic sculptural installation – showcases the beauty of life under the ocean’s surface. The design of this community-based artwork draws inspiration from the beauty and diversity coral reef ecosystems and will serve as a tool to increase public awareness about the value of healthy oceans to the Coral Triangle—the heart of marine biodiversity.  It will be housed in CTC’s new Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur, Bali.

The first workshop was held in July 15 at CTC where 15 volunteers held a six-hour session to make 150 coral pieces under the guidance of CTC’s ceramic artist Ricko Gabriel. Our partners Jenggala Keramik hosted the second volunteer day in July 23  at their  factory in Jimbaran, Bali to specifically produce intricate anemone pieces.  With the help of Jenggala’s expert craftsmen and state-of-the-art facilities, a total of more than 70 pieces were produced that day!

We’re also happy that ceramic artist Alfie Rahdini has joined the team to help us achieve our goal of 3,000 ceramic coral pieces in the next few months! Watch this space for more news and progress this unique masterpiece!



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