22 Jul Fisheries Extension Officers in North Maluku Develop Skills to Monitor MPAs

As part of the USAID Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (SEA) Project activities, CTC successfully conducted a Perception Monitoring Training of Marine, Coastal and Small Islands Conservation Area at the Batik Hotel, Ternate, North Maluku from July 19-22. A total of 19 Fisheries Extension Officers (FEO) of North Maluku Province attended the training.

During the training, participants learned about social survey methodologies to gauge the community’ behaviour, knowledge and attitudes towards MPA management. They also practiced interview techniques, data tabulation and processing, and translating the survey results into useful information for the improvement of marine, coastal and small islands conservation area management.

The training received positive support from the local government and acknowledged the training as a good start to optimize the role of FEO in educating the coastal community about the importance of MPAs to support the sustainable fisheries, protect marine resources and ensure food security. “Allocating coastal and or marine areas as a shelter and spawning of economically valuable fish will support sustainable fisheries and food security,” said Musyrifah Alhadad, Head of Marine Spatial Management and Supervision of Marine and Fishery Resources in North Maluku.

Since 2016, CTC has trained 25 FEOs from North Maluku Province on basic MPA management. Among these participants, 12 of them have successfully passed the competency and qualification test in MPA management at national level.

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