22 Jun Hands-on Learning for Timor-Leste Officials on MPA Management

CTC conducted a short course and field learning activities on MPA Establishment and Management for Timor-Leste officials on June 20-22, 2017 in Bali.   The short course was specifically tailored for participants to better learn basic fisheries population dynamics, basic principles in designing zoning and MPA networks.

Participants were representatives from government and non-government partners in Timor-Leste, consisting of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry of Environment, Haburas Foundation, and Roman Luan Foundation.  These key representatives will play their role as village facilitators in Atauro Island mainly to facilitate process in establishing one island MPA in Atauro.  In the field trip to Nusa Penida MPA, participants were observing key points of zoning system in the MPA focusing on Crystal Bay, Core Zone, Sacred Zone of Ped Temple, Mangrove of Jungut Batu Village, and marine tourism activities around Nusa Lembongan.

The participants also had chance to discuss and consult directly with the Nusa Penida MPA Management Unit to learn on day-to-day management basis, organization structure, routine activities in MPA such as surveillance, patrolling, outreach, and enforcement.  At the end of the course, participants developed a road map to Atauro Islands MPA establishment for the next 12 months.



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