05 May Strengthening Marine Protection in Timor-Leste

This month, CTC began local consultations in Liquica and Atauro in Timor-Leste to assess how we can support local efforts to establish new marine protected areas (MPA) in the country.

On May 1-3, 2017, CTC Learning Sites Manager Marthen Welly met with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and discussed the various ways that CTC can support the process for setting up an MPA in Liquica such as providing technical support in collecting baseline data and providing training on MPA design and management to local officials and stakeholders.

In Atauro, CTC met with local non-government organizations such as Roman Luan, and conducted consultations with fishermen representatives, private sector representatives, and community leaders to discuss possible avenues of collaboration in setting up an MPA in the area. The meetings are part of CTC’s preliminary stakeholder consultation for a new three-year project that will support the Timor-Leste government in establishing MPAs in the country. (Photos: Marthen Welly/CTC)

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