13 Apr Madania School Goes on a Fun Learning Trip to Nusa Penida with CTC

CTC hosted 120 students and teachers from Madania School in Bogor on April 11-12, 2017, for a fun-learning study trip to Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. The students learned why we need to protect our rich marine biodiversity and experienced first-hand the activities in the island such as mangrove planting, seaweed farming and many more.

Representatives from the Nusa Penida Management Unit gave a lecture on seaweed farming – the use of seaweed, the kinds of seaweeds available in Nusa Penida, and even how to become a seaweed farmer. The students competed each other to be the best seaweed farmer by having the best knot with the right amount of seaweed for planting.

The students also got a chance to participate in mangrove planting. The students could name the ‘baby mangrove’ and after, planted it by themselves. After listening to a briefing about mangroves given by the CTC team, the students visited the lush mangrove forest and went around in small canoes. The students were able to observe 4-6 different species of mangroves!

At the end of the activity, Madania School students played the Fish Length Estimation game. This activity teaches them about monitoring the coral reef’s environment. We can tell whether the environment is good or not by the fish biomass which can be measured through its average length. The students were able to guess 6-8 out of 10 fish right with an error limit of 3 cm! Not a bad start, is it?

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