27 Sep Get into the Right Zone! Nusa Penida MPA Joint Patrols Catches Zoning Violators

The Nusa Penida MPA Management Unit, together with CTC, Nusa Penida Water Police, and the Indonesian Navy conducted joint patrols on September 5 and September 27, 2016 and found zoning regulation violators. During the first patrol, the team found a fishing boat in the no-take zone near Suwehan Bay. The boat did not have a proper registration and also had compressor onboard, which is illegal and often used for destructive fishing. The joint patrol also found a speedboat whose occupants were caught spear fishing in the no-take zone near the mangrove forest.

During the second patrol, the team found several diving boats that took their guests to zones where diving is not allowed. Another boat was also found to have dropped their anchor directly on coral reefs. CTC will continue to support the Nusa Penida MPA Management Unit to ensure that activities in the Nusa Penida MPA follow the correct zoning regulations.

Fishing boat caught fishing in the no-take zone. Credit: Suwarbawa Malimali

Fishing boat caught violating the Nusa Penida Zoning System Credit: Suwarbawa Malimali

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