31 Aug CTC Internship: Inspiring the Next Generation of Marine Conservationists

Aryo Damar Sadono, Marine Science Student at Udayana University, shares his experience as an intern at CTC.

Aryo2 Most of my peers would at least raise an eyebrow when I tell them what I have been doing during the holidays. I have been an intern at Coral Triangle Center for just shy of three weeks and in that short period of time I have learned a lot from my colleagues and supervisor. The first day at the office I was assigned at the Training and Learning (TL for short) department where I was introduced to my supervisor, Nyoman Suardana.

aryoSince then, most of the work I do at the office is clerical work, things like making datasheets from evaluation questionnaires to cataloging books that we have at the office into the CTC website. Other times I tag along to trainings and events out of the office that are held by CTC and observe the whole process. I learned a lot and had a taste of what it’s like being in a regular working environment.

From all of the things I have done while interning, it is safe to say that I had acquired the most knowledge out of just talking with my colleagues at work. Whether it be at the lunch table, on the balcony, or just with my desk neighbor. Having them share with me their experiences on the job as well as what they have done to get to that point, is invaluable. It has been an amazing experience working with everyone at CTC. I wish everyone at the office the best of luck, and finally thank you to everyone for giving me the opportunity for an internship and guiding me the whole step of the way.



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