30 Aug Local Artists Collaborate with CTC to Develop “Coral Wall”

CTC and local artists and materials specialists Dr. Tjokorda Udiana Nindhia Pemayun and Prof. Dr. Tjokorda Gde Tirta Nindhia are working together in building a “Coral Wall” at the planned CTC Center for Marine Conservation.The “Coral Wall” eCW2xhibit will display microhabitats starting in shallow-water reefs and descending to deeper waters and will be made out of sustainable materials. It will be a statement to raise awareness about th e value of coral reef ecosystems and their crucial role in sustaining community livelihoods as well as a display a marriage between arts and science.

COK COralWall2Dr. Udiana is a lead lecturer in the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar (ISI) and an expert in Balinese fine arts. Meanwhile Dr. Gede Tirtha is a full-time professor in the field of Material Engineering at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Udayana University and has done extensive research in sustainable materials, renewable energy, and environmental friendly manufacturing. Having an arts background, Dr. Udiana will be in charge of the design of the structure while Dr. Gede Tirtha will be concerned with materials that will be put in to build the wall.

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